Model “UT-1” Ultrasonic Production Line Instrument

Premier production line tester for the harsh foundry and steel mill environments.


The UT-1 Ultrasonic Instrument is the premier production line tester produced by TEAM NDT.  This unit is engineered and built for the harsh foundry and steel mill environments.  This instrument takes into account all of the lessons that employees of TEAM NDT have learned over the last 30 years of producing similar production line equipment and packaged it into a smaller more versatile unit.  Gone are the remote boxes and multi-step calibration procedures.  This unit is capable of Velocity testing, Flaw detection, and Thickness measurements.  The UT-1 also incorporates the ability to perform Dimensional gauging such as short-pour detection, stretch, and twist measurements.  The operator interface has been streamlined to make it easier for the shop floor operator to use.  Data logging comes standard on all units and interfacing with factory networks can be easily accomplished.  The UT-1 has a possible ten (10) Through-Transmission or Pulse Echo testing channels.  The unit is housed in a Type 12 enclosure with an electronic air conditioner and a pedestal with casters for easy movement.  The unit can be configured to mount from above or it can be attached to a test cell (off the floor).

Additional specifications:

  • Up to ten independent test channels available
  • Test types included
    • Ultrasonic Velocity (ductile iron Nodularity)
  • Part Thickness
    • Defects (including cracks, voids, inclusions, shrink, and delaminations/disbonds)
    • Twist
    • Stretch
    • Short pour
  • Sophisticated and flexible interfacing to test hardware
  • Simple System setup and calibration
  • Automatic Data Logging to plain text files
  • Multiple program access security levels
  • Immersion, Bubbler, or Contact Testing
  • Transducer alignment utility
  • 500V Pulser voltage
  • Industrial computer workstation (PC) with built in keyboard, mouse, and 17” Color monitor
  • Unit capable of running one station only
  • Nema-12 enclosure with air conditioner to house components
  • Windows operating system (Windows 7®)