We provide a wide range of solutions
to address immediate and future
testing needs for a number of disciplines

Our services include:


We’re committed to making sure our customers are as well prepared as they can be, so we provide thorough training on the use of the equipment we provide. This entails offering training at our facility prior to shipment as well as installation training and supervision.


We repair all the equipment that we sell. This repair primarily takes place at our facility but can take place at the customers facility if needed. We also provide spare / replacement parts for all our products to keep your technology running efficiently and to the best of its productivity. If you are in need of a replacement or repair, visit our “contact us” page and let us know how we can help.

Supporting Service Agreements:

To help you get a realistic and reasonable service plan that works for your goals, we can work with you and offer our expert opinions to develop a plan that will be the best for you, your budget, and your safety.

Product Specific Services:

Our services are not just general. We provide expert assistance with the product itself, such as repairs, inspection, technical repairs, etc. We also can provide assistance with specific application for your product to be tested and help in coming up with the best testing technique. Visit our Contact Us page if you have specific product needs.
We accept VISA and MasterCard for payment.

We work across industries from automotive to aerospace. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.