We help companies
achieve exceptional results by developing leaders and teams at all levels

Leadership Confidence

Leadership can be lonely. We often meet high performers promoted into management roles because they were fantastic individual contributors. A whole new set of competencies is now required to become successful. By focusing on leadership skill development, we help new and experienced leaders hit the “pause button.” Once off the daily race, we work with individuals and teams to break down the components of exceptional leadership. This conscious investment in people gives leaders the necessary competencies to build effective teams and have exponential impact on their organizations.

Most organizations recognize the need for comprehensive leadership development, yet fail to execute relevant and applicable programming for all levels of leadership. The challenge exists, not by intent, but by the powerful momentum of the day-to-day.

As organizations are forced to stretch their best performers, rely more on intricate matrices, and take on complex change, it is critically important to broaden the scope, focus and dedication to leadership development. Though many organizations are ripe for taking on the challenge, they are also unaware, unprepared and unable to do it on their own.

Strategic Agility

Connecting people to strategy through engagement and involvement can seem overwhelming. By nature, strategy is set by few and executed by many. For decades, MBA programs and other executive development curricula have been focused on the skills and tools necessary for the leaders who set strategy. Though this development is both useful and necessary, it is incomplete.

We help bridge the gap between setting strategy and executing it. In that space we foster common language every member of your organization can relate to. We develop scalable, results-focused models that provide guidance to new team members and structure for veterans.

By aligning your team to be clear on the action and effort necessary for executing a well prepared strategy, everyone in your organization can mindful of how their day-to-day efforts link to the overall strategy and purpose of the enterprise. Growing this capacity in your organization will result in Strategic Execution which may be the difference between being well-intentioned and exceptionally aligned.

Cultural Evolution

The pressure to drive results in a more complex world, excessive reliance on technology and the incredible energy needed to survive at the “speed of life” have complicated and confused our understanding of culture.

Creating clarity around how we define culture is an important first step. If we consider that culture can be defined as Shared Behaved Values, Shared Stories and Shared Language, no matter what culture we focus on (family, community, or corporate) we can reduce complexity by focusing on values, stories, language to create a true cultural shift.

As experts in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Collaborative Team Building, Innovation and Change Management, we understand that changing culture is both an important and difficult endeavor for most organizations. By diagnosing the behaviors associated with an organization’s aspired values, growing the skill to recognize and reinforce them, and by creating a common language that allows for greater collaboration and communication, cultural shifts will be accelerated.

At Catalyst 1 Global, we like to call that shift, Cultural Evolution. By choosing to view culture as dynamic rather than static we will partner to make an immediate and sustainable cultural shift and to increase results through motivated stakeholders.

Our leadership roles in global commercial enterprises taught us that organizations must focus on more than the individual. Companies need to include team and organization leadership in order to build confident leaders from multiple levels within their organizations.